Three new translations in other languages: Vietnamese and Russian

Today, I am happy to announce three more new translations in other languages.

The first is in Vietnamese and is the Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga. It can be downloaded here. Other language editions of this lovely Guru Yoga text will be coming shortly.

Vietnamese translation of Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga

The next two are Russian translations of Rechungma’s Fifteen Realisations (Russian text here) and ‘The Difference between Buddha-Nature and Dharmakāya’ by 8th Karmapa (Russian text here).

Russian translation of Rechungma’s Fifteen Realisations
Russian translation of ‘The DIfference Between Dharmakaya and Buddha Nature’
by the 8th Karmapa

As I said in the previous announcement, these translations have not been checked or edited by myself. It is the translators’ responsibility to ensure they fulfil the basic requirements to translate a text for submission, as listed here.

All translations published in other languages will be available on the ‘Other Languages’ section of the website. I am inspired by their humble, voluntary efforts and devotion to make the texts available for their fellow Dharma brothers and sisters in other languages. May they be of benefit!

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