The Feminine Principle


Here I will post articles, research or texts that are specifically related to or by female practitioners, scholars and translators in Buddhism.

A Woman’s Voice : ‘Secret Primordial-Wisdom’, the Autobiography of Kunga Trinley Wangmo, Zhentong lineage holder and consort of Tāranātha

‘Actions Speak Louder than Words’: 17th Karmapa’s outstanding activities on female empowerment and equality 

Praises to Mandāravā by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

Milarepa’s Female Disciples: Rechungma’s Song of ‘Fifteen Realisations

A Girl’s Lament: Songs of Saley O to Milarepa

Machig Jobum: Female mahasiddha and lineage holder of Dro Kālacakra

Ultimate ‘ecstatic union’: the meaning and role of ‘erotic bliss’ in tantra and Kālacakra

Tantric Buddhism, Sex and Women: the Importance of Love, Respect and Consent

Promoting and Supporting Female Teachers, Scholars and Translators