This section is for research and translations connected to biographies/liberation-stories (namthar) of Buddhist masters and teachers, including those I have authored that are published on the Treasury of Lives website.

Treasury of Lives biographies

“The First Sanggye Nyenpa, Tashi Peljor,” Treasury of Lives.

“The Second Tsurpu Gyeltsab, Tashi Namgyel,” Treasury of Lives.

Men’s biographies

Mahakashyapa – one of Buddha’s main students

FROM RICHES TO RAGS: The man to whom Buddha gave his old robes: Mahakashyapa’s Liberation-Story by 17th Karmapa


BIOGRAPHIES OF MAHASIDDHA TILOPA: Catalogue of Biographies and ‘Ḍākinī’s Instruction to Tilopa on the Bardo’


‘BLOWING THE HORN FOR INVITING TRANSLATORS AND SCHOLARS’: BRINGING JOWO ATISHA TO TIBET. Tibetans studying in Kashmir and at Vikaramashila, the invention of the Ragdung horn, Atisha’s connection to Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo and reasons for composing Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment (Life and Liberation of Atisha by 17th Karmapa, Day Three)

‘EVERY SIX DAYS LEAVING THE MONASTERY TO PRACTICE SECRET MANTRA’: THE STUDIES AND MAIN TEACHERS OF THE ‘GREAT YOGI PANDITA’ MONK ATISHA: Atisha’s names, monastic ordination, his main teachers and historical background to his being invited to Tibet (Life and Liberation of Atisha by 17th Karmapa Day Two)

‘YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF TANTRAS IS LIKE A HORSE-HAIR IN THIS WORLD!’: NOBLE TĀRĀ’S ADVICE TO YOUNG, HANDSOME TANTRIC YOGI, ATISHA: Jowo Atisha’s early life, studies of tantras, secret mantra unconventional conduct with Indian mahasiddhas, ‘pride-smashing’ direct instructions from Tārā and Ḍākinīs, and upholder of Mind-Only view. (Life and Liberation of Atisha by 17th Karmapa, Day One)

1st Karmapa, Dusum Khyenpa

CONCISE LIBERATION-STORY OF JE GAMPOPA BY 17th GYALWANG KARMAPA (2022): Influential doctor, Kadampa Masters, Milarepa’s Dream and Unifying Sutra and Tantra

2nd Karmapa, Karma Pakshi

THE HAUNTING, MYSTERIOUS FEMALE TONES OF COMPASSION: THE ḌĀKINĪ’S MANI MANTRA MELODY OF SECOND KARMAPA. Review and excerpts from new book on the life, legacy and works of the 2nd Karmapa, Karma Pakshi

3rd Karmapa, Rangjung Dorje


Women’s biographies

Yeshe Tsogyel

NOT A MOUNTED TIGRESS BUT A POWERFUL COUGAR? YESHE TSOGYEL AT TIGER’S NEST (PARO TAGTSANG) WITH HER YOUNG MALE CONSORTS. Yeshe Tsogyel’s connection to Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan, her young male consorts, contemporary research on her life-stories and a 21st Century interpretation of her experiences as a woman (Bhutan 2022))

Dagmema – Marpa’s wife and Milarepa’s teacher

HEARING ‘HER-STORY'(II): DAGMEMA. Marpa’s Wife and Milarepa’s confidante, friend and teacher, her life, textual sources, visual depictions and new translation of Praise to Marpa by 17th Karmapa

Saley O – one of Milarepa’s main students

HEARING ‘HER-STORY’(I): MILAREPA’S FEMALE (NYA-MA) STUDENTS AND SONGS OF SALEY O. ‘Male-centred’ Buddhist history, Milarepa’s main female disciples, and the songs and story of Tibetan woman, Saley O

Kunga Trinley Wangmo – Zhentong lineage holder in Jonang tradition

A Woman’s Voice : the Autobiography of Kunga Trinley Wangmo, (Zhentong lineage holder and secret consort of Tāranātha)