Hevajra Mandala15th century. Source: https://www.metmuseum.org/art/collection/search/692123

This page is for research and translations on Shri Hevajra. One of Marpa the Translator’s main yidam deities and still widely practiced in Karma Kagyu and Drikung Kagyu lineages. The majority of the Hevajra empowerments given outside of Tibet in recent times have been from the Drikung Kagyu (from the Marpa-Ngog lineage), from teachers such as HH Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang and HE 8th Garchen Rinpoche.

THE EIGHT MAIN HEVAJRA LINEAGES AND ‘INNATE’ HEVAJRA OF SHANTIPA: Lineages, Texts and 2021 Teaching and Empowerment by 8th Garchen Rinpoche

‘GOLDEN TEACHINGS’ OF KAGYU TANTRA: Marpa the Translator and student Ngog, the Seven Ngog Mandalas, Thirteen Tantras of Marpa, Kongtrul’s ‘Treasury of Kagyu Mantras’, 17th Karmapa’s birthday teaching and Drikung Kagyu ‘Mar-Ngog’ activities

REVIVING MARPA THE TRANSLATOR’S LINEAGE AND LEGACY: Hevajra Tantra, Marpa-Ngog Lineage, Six Bone Ornaments of Nāropa, Editions and contents of Marpa’s Collected Works and Drikung Kagyu