Kālacakra Texts

1) The Chariot that Transports to the Four Kayas: Excellent Stages of Meditation by Bamda Gelek Gyatso (Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 2019). Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin. Foreword by Dr. Cyrus Stearns.

Includes previously unpublished and newly-designed computer generated colour images of the Mandala offering visualisation. For more information about the author of this text, the text itself, and how to purchase it see here.

2) Innate Kālacakra: Instructions and Sadhanas. Dakini Publications, 2019. Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin.
Innate Kalacakra (Source HAR)

First English translation of key instructions and sadhanas on the practice of Innate Kālacakra (dus ‘khor lhan skyes), including instructions given by Jonang and Rime master, Bamda Gelek Gyatso, two sadhanas on Innate Kālacakra by Tāranātha and Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye and A Supplication to the Lineage of Kālacakra by Jamgon Kongtrul. In 2018, this translation project was awarded the Ashoka Grant by Khyentse Foundation. The text is available for free download here for those with the requisite Kālacakra empowerment. For more information on the text and translation project see here.

3) Meaningful to See: Guidance on the Profound Path of Vajra-Yogas. The Common Preliminaries (zab lam rdo rje’i rnal ‘byor gyi khrid yig mthong ba don ldan) by Tāranātha, Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin. Dakini Publications, 2020. Available for download here.
4. Vajrasattva: One Hundred Syllable Mantra in Dro Kālacakra tradition by Tāranātha and Bamda Gelek Gyamtso. Translated and edited by Adele Tomlin. Dakini Publications, 2020. Available for free download here.
Vajrasattva Heruka. Image from Rime Buddhist Institute/Khentrul Rinpoche
Supplication and Lineage Prayers

The ‘Red Hat Karmapa’, 4th Shamarpa’s Supplication to the Kālacakra Six Vajra-Yogas Lineage; and his teacher, Kālacakra lineage master, Go Lotsawa Kālacakra

Supplication to the Kālacakra Lineage by Jetsun Tāranātha


One Hundred Blazing Lights: The Supplementary Commentary on Meaningful to See  (zab lam rdo rje”i rnal ‘byor gyi khrid yig mthong ba don ldan gyi lhan thabs ‘od brgya ‘bar ba)by Tāranātha.

The secret and profound instructions on the Kālacakra Six Yogas of the Completion Stage will not be translated or published for public use, and will only be translated and used for a one-on-one context between student and teacher, as requested by the Head of the Jonang lineage in Tibet, Jigme Dorjee Rinpoche in an official letter here.