A Hundred Blazing Lights: Chapter Two

In this chapter, Tāranātha explains what the term ‘to guide’ [khrid] means (as this word is used in the title of this text) and the three confidences [yid che gsum] required to progress on the path. The ‘three confidences’ are: 

  1. confidence in the tantras,
  2. confidence in the teacher, and
  3. confidence in oneself. 

He also goes into detail about the history and lineage of the six Vajra-yogas and how seventeen distinct lineages were transmitted from India to Tibet to the Dro and Jonang lineage. After that he gives an extended explanation of the two lineages that descended directly from Vibhuticandra.

Explanations are also given of the meaning and difference between generation and completion stage and conceptual and non-conceptual meditation, as well as what are authentic signs on the path.

The text is available for free download here (forthcoming).