‘BLISSFUL FEELING OF YOUR ABIDING PRESENCE’: New translation of poem and calligraphy art by Jamyang Dorjee

New artwork and poem by Jamyang Dorjee (November 2022).



Tibetan kinsfolk abiding in Snowy Tibetan lands, and
Followers scattered around the world,
That feeling while musing on your abiding presence,
Kindles indescribable mental bliss.”

On sharing my translation of his poem with Jamyang Dorjee himself, he wrote publicly on his FB page:

“There cannot be a better translation than this. Thank you so much.”

Music? Kyipe Nyinmo (Happy Days) by Tenzin Dhondup and Phodrang Potala by Tenzin Donsel.

For more on the master calligrapher, Jamyang Dorjee and the art of Tibetan calligraphy, see here.

Dedicated to the Tibetans all over the world, may your abiding presence be blissfully felt wherever you are.

Translated by Adele Tomlin (30th November 2022). 


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