Happy Losar Iron-Ox New Year 2148: New Translation ‘Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga’ in Portuguese

Today, the first day of Losar Iron Ox new year, 2148. (Chinese and Tibetan) I would like to wish everyone a happy, meaningful and auspicious forthcoming year! In particular, I would like to thank all those who have followed and supported my work and website.

Over the first three days of Losar (which is also the start of the Fifteen Days of Miracles period), I will be publishing and offering some new translations and research to see the New Year in with an auspicious and meaningful start!

Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga – new Portuguese translation

First, is this new translation of the English translation of the ‘Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga text‘ into Portuguese by Sonia Gomes and Catarina Rocha. Sonia is a Dharma friend/sister and long-time devoted student and follower of Buddhism who has done oral translation for HE Garchen Rinpoche (from English into Portuguese) at his Kalacakra empowerment and teaching, which I also attended in 2018. This is her first published written Dharma translation. Sonia is also an international advisor to the Lotus Sutra NGO in Nepal, and information about her work can be found on her website here.

It is wonderful to publish work by a woman who is actively supporting and promoting female practitioners privately and publicly, and who is also devoted and inspired by renowned female yoginis such as Yeshe Tshogyel and Mandarava.

The text is available for free download as a .pdf here:

May this new translation be of benefit and inspiration to Portuguese speakers globally. May we all be as strong and gentle as the iron-ox and auspiciousness, health and happiness thrive and flourish!

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