Colour and scale images of the Kālacakra Worldly Cosmos according to Jetsun Tāranātha and Bamda Gelek Gyatso

New and original computer-generated diagrams and English-language explanations of the Kālacakra worldly cosmos, especially useful during visualisations of the Mandala offering and generation stage practises are now available to view.

These new images have been designed according to the main commentaries by Tāranātha (Meaningful to See and One Hundred Blazing Lights) and Bamda Gelek Gyatso. The images, based on translations by Adele Tomlin and designed by Felipe Zabala, are now published in the new book The Chariot that Transports to the Four Kayas(LTWA, 2019).  This is the first time such graphic diagrams from the Jonang and Dro Kālacakra tradition, in proportion to the scale  and in accordance with the colours cited in these texts, have been published in a book format. The late Edward Henning created some 3D images of the Kālacakra worldly cosmos that can be seen on his website here.

The new colour, 2D images available in the book are:

FIGURE I: The worldly cosmos, a side view

FIGURE II: The worldly cosmos, a view from above

FIGURE III: An alternative image of the worldly cosmos, according to the tradition of Kunkhyen Chokle Namgyal

FIGURE IV:Mount Meru, the eighteen continents, oceans and mountains and the ‘great golden ground’

FIGURE V: The twelve continents on the ‘great golden ground’

FIGURE VI: The abodes of the six classes of sentient beings (including their divisions) in the worldly cosmos

FIGURE VII: An above view of the nine-heap Mandala offering within the Dro Kālacakra tradition

FIGURE VIII: The seed syllables for the guru yoga practice

These images will also be reproduced in the forthcoming publication of my English translations of ‘Meaningful to See’ and its Supplementary Commentary, ‘One Hundred Blazing Lights’ by Jetsun Tāranātha. These texts were translated according to the oral instructions of Jonang teacher, Chokyi Nangwa Rinpoche.

I have reproduced FIGURE I and II here below as a taster of what is in the book. Many thanks to Felipe Zabala for creating these images for free.  Any mistakes or errors are all mine, please forgive them.  May these images and translations be of benefit and may the Kālacakra lineages and tradition flourish and bring peace, harmony and awakening in the world!

Adele Tomlin, 14th May 2019.

Kālacakra worldly cosmos according to the Jonang and Dro tradition –

from above, proportional to scale cited

side view, proportional to scale cited

For more on the meaning and measurement of the term ‘yojana’, please see the footnotes in the new book.  The publication is restricted access to those with the requisite empowerment and teachings from a qualified lama.

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