Contrary to popular belief, and despite the difficulties of giving up meat in countries like Tibet (due to lack of plant food available), there are many examples of Tibetan Buddhist masters who advocated strict vegetarianism. One recent article, 'The Hidden Vegetarians of Tibet' by Geoffrey Barstow (author of 'Food of Sinful Demons: Meat, Vegetarianism, and… Continue reading NEW PAGE: ‘BUDDHIST VEGETARIANISM’

4th Shamarpa, Yangchenpa Monastery and his ‘Praises to Dolpopa’

Omniscient Dolpopa (1292-1361) Today is the paranirvana of Omniscient (Kun mkhyen) Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen (dol po pa shes rab rgyal mtshan) (1292–1361) one of the most extraordinary Tibetan Buddhist masters, and key advocates and founders of the Empty-of-Other (gzhan stong) philosophy school and a highly realized practitioner of tantra, in particular Kālacakra. He is one… Continue reading 4th Shamarpa, Yangchenpa Monastery and his ‘Praises to Dolpopa’