New Video: Short Meditation on the Two Views of Emptiness and their relevance to daily life(from Tricycle Dharma Talk: May 2023)


Here is a short meditation on the two views of emptiness developed in Tibetan Buddhism, Empty-of-Self (Rangtong) and Empty-of-Other (Zhentong) which concluded a longer Dharma Talk on the topic for Tricycle Magazine. For the full Dharma Talk, see here.

Moving away from the philosophical explanations to a more practical way to experience the two views. Empty-of-Self focusing on the impermanent, conditioned and suffering nature of phenomena. Empty-of-Other focusing on the innate infinite qualities of our nature of mind/Buddha nature of love, joy, bliss, wisdom and compassion that are ‘always present’ like the sun always shining behind clouds, along with many other enlightened qualities. Captions are provided in English (click on CC). 

For the Introduction in my book, Taranatha’s Commentary on the Heart Sutra on the Empty-of-Other view see my article Jonang and the ‘Empty-of Other’ Great Madhyamaka

The book Tāranātha’s Commentary on the Heart Sutra, with foreword by leading Professor Matthew Kapstein, scan be purchased from most outlets.

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