NEW TRANSLATION: THIRD VOLUME OF 16TH KARMAPA’S COLLECTED WORKS. Aspirations, Guru Yogas, Life-Stories, Songs, Supplications, Teachings and Letters.

16th Karmapa, Rigpe Dorje (1924-1981)


Here is the first English translation of the outline of the Third Volume of 16th Karmapa’s Collected Works. The Collected Works were first published in Tibetan in 2016, by Tsurphu Labrang together with Tashi Tsering of Amnye Institute ( see: TBRC W8LS18007). In a report about the publication of the three-volume Collected Works:

“The Karmapa also gave a brief history of the Collected Works. In 2000, after the Karmapa arrived in India, he first talked to Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche about gathering the words of the 16th Karmapa. Ponlop Rinpoche offered his support for the project, gave the Karmapa all the writings he had collected, and then worked together with Tashi Tsering. In 2013, the Karmapa related, it was decided to hold this commemoration, and publishing the collected works was considered of utmost importance. And so the search for the 16th Karmapa’s writings was intensified and carried out in Tibet as well as all over the east and west. The Karmapa noted that there were still texts to be found in Tibet and other places, so in the future, these would be published in a fourth volume.

The Karmapa gave his thanks to those who supported the gathering of the writings and the publication, mentioning Tai Situ Rinpoche, Goshir Gyaltsap Rinpoche, Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche, Surmang Garwang Rinpoche, Thrangu Rinpoche, and Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche, all of whom knew the 16th Karmapa and witnessed the activities of his body, speech, and mind. The Karmapa also acknowledged the support of other organizations and his own staff in preparing the volumes.

The Karmapa turned to “the life stories of masters from the past who, without regard for their own lives, first searched for the Dharma, then practiced it night and day without break, and finally devoted themselves to accomplishing their own benefit and that of others. Recognizing that these life stories should be taken into their experience, followers of the Karmapa should value them highly with great faith and reverence. So that the texts do not gather layers of dust, they should read them again and again and realize their meaning. It is extremely important that the 16th Karmapa’ writings become a way of accomplishing the level of unchanging bliss.”

For a biography of 16th Karmapa , Rigpe Dorje (1924-1981) , see here[1].

\I was greatly encouraged and sponsored to do this work by a devout follower of the 16th Karmapa. who contacted me after I translated the outline of the Second Volume of the 16th Karmapa’s Collected Works.  He exhorted me several times about the importance and value of compiling a list in English of all the 16th Karmapa’s extant works, including the contents of the 3rd Volume, to be made available to the general public. One of the main reasons being that even though 2021 is the 40th commemoration of the 16th Karmapa’s parinirvana, his words are still not clearly collected or preserved in English, in one place for study, contemplation and meditation.

Although it seemed a complicated task, this lack of scholarship, translation, and online collation of the 16th Karmapa’s works and teachings in English, combined with the sole follower’s passion and devotion, inspired me to take on the project, despite other personal challenges and commitments and little funding. We have also worked together on collating all the current extant works, interviews, articles and English/other language translations available by the 16th Karmapa.  This will be published as a list (with online links and .pdf sources) in a separate post in a few days time.  

It gives me great pleasure to have helped this aspiration come to fruition, and it is our mutual wish and hope that this work will not only help to preserve the King of the Yogis, 16th Karmapa’s words, but also be a catalyst for further translations and research on his life and works. May it also build a bridge of mutual respect, community and friendship between all those who admire and follow him. May his Lion’s Roar sound loud and true, and may all who hear it attain full awakening!

Translated, edited and compiled by Adele Tomlin, 16th April 2021.


Brief Analysis and Overview

The Third Volume of the Collected Works contains ninety-six texts by the 16th Karmapa, totalling 308 pages in length. Unlike the Second Volume (which was a record of the teachings and empowerments received by the 16th Karmapa) these works can be roughly divided into six types (alphabetical order):

  1. Aspirations
  2. Guru Yogas
  3. Life-Stories and Commentaries
  4. Long-Life Prayers and Swift Re-birth Supplications
  5. Official letters to monasteries, organizations and individuals
  6. Rituals
  7. Short Teachings
  8. Songs

Long-Life Prayers and Letters

The majority of texts are Long-Life Prayers and Swift Re-birth Supplications and Official Letters to monasteries, organizations and individuals. It is perhaps not surprising that the 16th Karmapa did not compose many philosophical or sadhana texts, as he faced many challenges in his life, including having to leave India as a refugee from Tibet and founding a new monastery and community there.  This was then followed by sickness. The Long-Life Prayers include ones to the Kagyu Heart-Sons of 3rd Jamgon Kongtrul, 12th Tai Situpa, 12th Gyaltsab Rinpoche and 14th Zhamar Rinpoche.   There are also several letters related to the Zurmang Drungpa (Trungpa) Rinpoche.

Life-Stories and Commentaries

Interesting discoveries include a Liberation-story of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambhava, Advice on the Benefits of Going for Refuge and Blessings of the Black Hat: Karmapas. The longest text is an account of the Amazing Life-Stories of the Previous Karmapas.

Guru Yogas

There are two Guru Yogas included in the Third Volume, first, the 16th Karmapa Guru Yoga, Shower of Siddhis, which I translated and published for the first time here. The second, the 16th Karmapa Guru Yoga, Continuous Rain of Nectar on the Sprouts of the Four Kayas, which has been translated and published several times in English, (for editions see next post on Extant Works in Other Languages). A commentary on that Guru Yoga by the 16th Karmapa, Seedlings of the Four Kayas, was orally transmitted in the USA in September 1980, translated by Ngodrup T. Bukar, and later published online in Buddhism Today (1999).  I will write more about this commentary in a forthcoming separate post about all the Guru Yoga texts and teachings of the 16th Karmapa.


Only three of the songs in the volume have been previously translated and published in English.  1) At the Right Time: Melodious Illuminating Song of the Six-Legged Bee[2]; 2) Delightful Roar of Melodious Experience[3]; and 3) Song is Ala Thala Thala[4].

So, only a few of these works have been translated into English. As the vast majority have not, it is an area for further research and translation.

Research and Overview

At the end of the Third Volume, is a detailed summary and overview of it by the compiler Tibetan scholar in exile, Tashi Tsering. This also needs to be translated into English for further information and insight into the texts contained therein.

Please feel free to use and share privately. If you wish to re-publish it, please do, but do cite the source and translator. If there are any errors or omissions, do not hesitate to let me know!

  1. At the Right Time: Melodious Illuminating Song of the Six-Legged Bee (sKabs su bab pa’i snang glu rkang drug bung ba’i lding d.byangs/) p. 3.
  2. Song Ala Thala Thala (gLu a la tha la red/ A la glu yi lugs red/ tha la tshig gi brjod lugs red/ gnas g.yu lo bkod pa’i zhing khams nas// sogs//)  p. 5.
  3. Sudden Roar of the Melodious Vajra Experience of Remembering the Guru (bLa ma rjes dran gyi nyams d.byangs thol byung rdo rje’i ngang sgra/) p. 7.
  4. Delightful Roar of Melodious Experience (Nyams d.byangs dgyes pa’i nga ro/) p. 10.
  5. While staying at the Gyalwang Chog Padro Tagtshang, Year of the Fire-Dragon, 7th  Month , 13th Day (rGyal dbang mchog spa gro stag tshang du bzhugs skabs du bzhugs skabs//), p. 12.
  6. Praises and Auspicious Aspiration while staying at the Gyalwang Chog Drug’s Tashi Chodzong, Fire-Sheep year, 9th month, 13th Day ( Me lugs zla 9 pa’i tshes 13/ rgyal dbang mchog ‘brug gi rgyal sa bkra shis chos rdzong du bzhugs skabs du bzhugs skabs bsngags brjod shis smon  du gnang ba/) p. 13.
  7. Fire-Sheep year, 9th month, 13th Day, Gyalwang Chog while staying at Drug Tashi Chodzongp. 14.
  8. First Great Meeting/Assembly of the Rimey Dharma in Tibet, Explanation by Gyalwang Karmapa (Gangs ljongs rie med chos kyi tshogs chen thengs dang po’i skabs rgyal dbang karma pa rin po che’i gsungs bshad/) p. 16.
  9. The Supreme Advice of 16th Gyalwang Karmapa, Rigpe Dorje (rGyal dbang bcu drug pa rang byung rig pa’i rdo rje mchog gi bka’ slob/) p. 19.
  10. Great Liberation by Hearing (Thodrol Chenmo) Kagyu Ocean of Songs (bk’a brgyud mgur mtsho’i bskongs su mdzad pa’i nyams mgur thos grol chen mo/) p. 24.
  11. Song that Dispels Tormented Longing and Rouses the Mind of Bodhicitta of the Guru by Remembering the Extreme Misery of the Conduct and View of Suffering Beings of the Degenerate Era (sNyigs ma’i skye bo mi srun pa’i lta spyod la yid rab tu skyo ba dang ‘drel pa gcig bla ma’i thugs bskyed rjes su bskul ba’i glu yid kyi gdung sel/) p. 26.
  12. Secret Letter of the Upsasaka Pema Chog, Protector of the Place, Denma (‘Dan ma’i yul skyong dge bsnyen pad+ma mchog rab rtsal gyi bsang yig/) p. 28.
  13. A Concise Sang Offering of the Deities that Accomplishes All Wishes in the Drong place of the Jang lineage in Ngari (sTod mnga’ ris byang brgyud ‘brong pa’i yul lha’i bsang mchod mdor bsdus ‘dod don kun stsal/) p. 30.
  14. Vital, Intricate Knot: red-fire offering for the gods, spirits and eight classes of beings (Lha srin rnams la dmar gsur bya was de brgyad srog gi rgya mdud/) p. 32.
  15. Masses of Clouds of Blessings and Sang Offering for the Protectors of Shedrub Chokhorgang, the Ultimate Abode of the Karmapa in the Hidden Place Og Min in Sikkim (Om Swasti. ‘Bras ljongs sbas gnas spyi dang bye brag og min karma pa’i gdan sa nges don bshad sgrub chos ‘khor sgang gi gnas srung rnams kyi bsang mchod byin rlabs sprin phung/) p. 38.
  16. Namo Guru. The Playful Joy of the Sambhogakaya Indivisible from Body, Speech and Mind. (Na mo gu ru/ sku gsum dbyer med longs sku’i gar rol ba/ sogs//) p. 42.
  17. Aspiration for the Flourishing of the Teachings (bsTan rgyas smon lam/) p. 43.
  18. Aspiration for the Flourishing of the Teachings of the place of Tashi Zurmang (bKra shis zur mang gi gdan sa’i bstan rgya smon lam/) p. 45.
  19. Extolling the greatness of the Blessing of the Black Hat Lamas of Tibet: Karmapas (Bod kyi zhwa nag bla ma karma pa zhes pa’i dbyin deb la che brjod//) p. 47.
  20. After the Dharma meeting with Zurmang Trungpa Rinpoche. The subject of the translation of the Kagyu Ocean of Songs. (Zur mang drung pa rin po che’i chos tshogs nas/ bka’ brgyud mgur mtsho dbyin bsgyur deb la che brjod/ /) p. 49.
  21. From the official writings of the family. Great Official Document, the 8th Karma Bagyo,  Wood-Pig year, 1934  (Phyag bris bka’ shog rigs las/ 1934 shing phag lor ri bar karma bag yod sku phreng 7 par stsal ba’i she bam che mo//) p. 50.
  22. Letter written at the Gyaton Miling Monastery in 7th month of the Earth-Tiger year, 1938. (1938 sa stag zla 7 tshes la zhes ‘khod/ rgya ston rmi gling dgon la stsal ba’ i bka’ shog//) p. 52.
  23. Guidebook of the Previous Situ for Khyungpo Tulku, Karma Orgyen Jigmey. 8th month of Earth-Tiger year, 1938.  (1938 sa stags zla 8 tshes la zhes ‘khod/ khyung po sprul sku karma O gyen ‘jigs med la si tu gong ma dang lhan du stsal ba’i lam yig//) p. 53.
  24. Glorious South Nangchen, the first incarnation of Khyentse: Letter to the Khyentrul Dechen Dorje Dongag Lingpa (Nang chen lho dpal me’i mkhyen brtse sku phreng dang po mkhyen sprul bde chen rdo rje mdo sngags gling pa la stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 53.
  25. Glorious South Nangchen, the first incarnation of Khyentse: Letter to the Khyentrul Dechen Dorje Dongag Lingpa (Nang chen lho dpal me’i mkhyen brtse sku phreng dang po mkhyen sprul bde chen rdo rje mdo sngags gling pa la stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 54.
  26. Nangchen Pelme, the first incarnation of Khyentse: Letter to the Khyentrul Dechen Dorje Dongag Lingpa (Nang chen lho dpal me’i mkhyen brtse sku phreng dang po mkhyen sprul bde chen rdo rje mdo sngags gling pa la stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 57.
  27. 1941, Official Letter of the Yichen Monastery (1941 lor tshwa (tshwa ba sgang) dgon yid chen dgon par stsal ba’i bka’ shog/) p. 58.
  28. Female-iron-snake year, Nangchen Pelme Monastery: Official Letter for Drubtrul Kunzang Drodul (lCags mo sbrul lor nang chen dpal me dgon gyi grub sprul kun bzang ‘gro ‘dul la stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 60.
  29. Official Letter 1946 for Khyungpo Gyaton Sibrong Minling Ripa Tulku, Karma Ogyen Jigme Chokyi Senge Trinley Kunkhyab (1946 lor khyung po rgya ston srib rong smin gling ri pa’i sprul sku karma O rgyan jigs med chos kyi seng ge ‘phrin las kun khyab la stsal ba’i she bam che mo//) p. 61.
  30. The 15th of the 4th month, Letter about the necessity for help/attendants for the previous Ripa Bagtrul (Sa zla’i dkar phyogs kyi rgyal ba gsum pa’i tshes la stsal ba’i ri pa bag sprul gong ma’i sras brgyud ltos bcas la grogs dan dgos skor bka’ shog//) p. 63.
  31. 1956, Catalogue (thob-yig) of Received Teachings for Beri Khyentse Rinpoche and Kagyu followers ( 1956 lor be ri mkhyen brtse rin po che la bka’ brgyud kyi sras su gtogs pa’i thob yig gnang ba /) p. 64.
  32. Letter to Palpung Wongyen Rinpoche (dPal spungs dbon rgyan rin po cher stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 66.
  33. Letter to Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche (sKyabs rje bdud ‘joms rin po cher stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 67.
  34. Poetic request regarding Kyabgon Chenpo Kunzig Zhamar Rinpoche recognition (Gong sa skyabs mgon chen por kun gzigs zhwa dmar rin po che’i ngos ‘dzin zhu phyogs skor phul ba’i zhu snyan//) p. 68.
  35. Part of a letter for the Religious Affairs Committee of the Tibetan Government in Exile (bTsan byol bod gzhung chos don lhan khang du stsal ba’i phyag bris khag cig/) p. 69.
  36. Second part of a writing on the actual transmission lineage of the 8th Glorious Drugpa Khamtrul, the Supreme Sun lineage (Don brgyud dpal ldan ‘brug pa’i khams sprul sku phreng brgyad pa don brgyud nyi ma mchog la stsal ba’i phyag bris khag gnyis/) p. 77.
  37. 1972, Official Letter for the New Ladakh Ler Monastery for Lama Chime Dorje (1972 lor bla ma ‘chi med rdo rjer la dwags gler dgon pa gsar ‘debs la stsal ba’i ngos bka’ yig/) p. 78.
  38. 1973, 14th Day, 3rd month, Garchen Chagku Sacred Dharma Wish-Fulfilling Tree (Phyi lo 1973 zla 3 tshes 14 nyin sgar chen phyag sku dam chos yongs ‘dur stsal ba’i bka’ shog/) p. 81.
  39. 13thday, 8th month, Wood-Tiger year, 1984. Official Letter bestowing the name of the Vajra holder of the Karma Transmission lineage to Zurmang Drungpa Rinpoche. (Shing stags 1984 zla 8 tshes 13 ‘khod/ zur mang drung pa rin po cher rdo rje ‘dzin pa karma zgrub brgyud bstan pa’i rgyal mtshan don brgyud ‘chang ba’i mtshan gnas stsal ba’i bka’ shog/) p. 84.
  40. 1974, 10th day, 9th month. Owner of the Teachings of Drongngur Thubten Shedrub Dargye Ling, 7th Drongtrul, Chokyi Nyima, Tulku of Kagyu, Praise Letter  (1974 zla 9 tshes 10 ‘khod/ ‘brong ngur thub bstan bshad sgrub dar rgyas gling gi bstan bdag ‘brong sprul skye phreng  bdun pa chos kyi nyi mar bka’ brgyud kyi sprul sku che khag gi go gnas gzengs bstod kyi bka’ shog/) p. 85.
  41. 1975, Letter Awarding the Name of the 4th Karma Trinlepa (sPhyi lo 1974 pyi zla tshes nyin bla ma karma ‘phrin las mchog la karma phrin las bzhi pa’i mtshan gsol bgyis pa’i bka’ shog/) p. 87.
  42. An official document on bestowing the name of Gawa Gyepa Lodro to Kuzhab Lhalungpa Lobzang Phuntshog (sKu zhabs lha lung pa blo bzang phun stshogs lags su dga’ ba dgyes pa’i blo gros zhes pa’i mtshan gnas stsal ba’i bka’ shog/) p. 88.
  43. Fire-dragon year, 1976, 8th day of 12th month. Letter that appointed the Regent of Zurmang Drungpa Rinpoche, his student Osel Tenzin (Me ‘brugs 1976 zla 12 tshes 8 ‘khod/ zur mang drung pa rin po che’i zhal slob ‘od gsal bstan ‘dzin drung pa rin po che’i rgyal tshab tu bskos bzhag rgyab gnyer gyi bka’  shog/) p. 89.
  44. Letter from Gyalchog 16th Karmapa to Goshri Gyaltsab Rinpoche (rGyal mchog bcu drug pa mchog gis gO shri rgyal tshab rin po cher stsal ba’i chab shog bzhugs so/) p. 90.
  45. 1977, 27th day, 9th month. Letter to the Swiss-Tibet Office regent, Sangling Dorje Tsering regarding travel to Taiwan (1977 phyi zla 9 tshes 27 ‘khod/ sud si bod kyi don gcod khang gi sku tshab gsang gling rdo rje tshe ring la tha’i wen du phebs ‘char med skor stsal ba’i bka’  yig/) p. 91.
  46. Letter to Shangpa Rinpoche, Karma Trinle Gyurme. Tiger-Earth year, 19th day, 8th month(Sa rta zla 8 tshes 19 nyin shangs pa rin po che karma phrin las ‘gyur med la stsal ba’i bka’  yig/) p. 93.
  47. Letter to Vajra student Drongtrul Tenga Rinpoche, 27th day, 2nd month, 1979 (1979 zla 2 tshes 27 la rdor slob ‘brong sprul bstan dga’ rin po cher stsal ba’i bka’  yig/) p. 94.
  48. Letter to Bardo Rinpoche (‘Bar rdo rin po cher stsal ba’i bka’  yig/)[5] p. 95.
  49. Part of a written document to the Supreme Lord Guru and his siblings (Chos rje bla ma rnams sras la stsal ba’i bka’  yig/) p. 96.
  50. Letter to Supreme Lord Dudjom Rinpoche about the Unmatched Life of the ‘Earlier Translation’ Teachings (sNga ‘gyur bstan pa’i srog shing mtshungs zla ma mchis pa skyabs rje bdud ‘joms rin po che mchog stsal ba’i bka’ yig/) p. 97.
  51. Letter of 16th Karmapa from America to 12th Gyaltsab Rinpoche (rGyal mchog bcu drug pa chen pos A ri nas rgyal tshab bcu gnyis par stsal ba’i phyag bris phyag star ma khag gnyis las zhal bshus/) p. 104.
  52. Gyalchog 16th Karmapa letter to the ordinary monastic community at Dzodzi Monastery (rGyal mchog bcu drug pa mchog gis mdzo rdzi dgon gyis grwa rigs thun mong la stsal ba/) p. 104.
  53. Letter to the Genye Barme Pon Osel and so on (dGe rgyas bar ma’i dpon ‘od gsal sogs la stsal ba’i phyag bris/) p. 106.
  54. 24th January 1981: Letter to 7th Dzogchen  Ponlob (Phyi lo 1981 zla 1 tshes 24 nyin rdzogs chen dpon slob sku phreng bdun par stsal ba’i bka’ yig) p. 110.
  55. Upper Ngari Drong Jang Langpo Borkar Monastery, Letter from 1931.  (stod mnga’ ris ‘brong byang glang po ‘bur dkar dgon par 1931 lor stsal ba’i bca’ yig/) p. 113.
  56. Extensive Great Constitution of the Monastery Government (dGon pa gzhung gi bca’ yig chen mo rgyas pa/) p. 117.
  57. 10th July 1976, Tibetan Fire-Snake year, 14th day of 5th month. Shower of Deeds of the Great Dharma Discipline Rules: Travelling on the Great Path of Supreme Liberation.  (Phyi lo 1976  zla 7 tshes  bod me ‘brug zla 5 tshes 14 la gtan ‘beb mdzad pa bca’ ba chos kyi khrims yig chen mo thar pa mchog la bgrod pa’i lam chen/) p. 128.
  58. Textbooks for student practitioners of the stages of the Jamyangkhang, students of the Shedra of Nalanda of Glorious Karmapa (dPal karma pa’i nA lan+da yan lag ‘jam dbyangs khang gi gzhi rim slob gnyer ba’i nyams len zhu sgo’i yig cha dge/) p. 134.
  59. Textbooks for student practitioners of the stages of the Jamyangkhang, students of the Shedra of Nalanda of Glorious Karmapa (dPal karma pa’i nA lan+da yan lag ‘jam dbyangs khang gi gzhi rim slob gnyer ba’i nyams len zhu sgo’i yig cha dge/) p. 143.
  60. Letter about the Recognition and Signs of Birth and Incarnation of Guru Emanation (bLa sprul skye srid gar ‘khrungs brtag pa ngos ‘dzin gyi yi ge’i skor la//) p. 150.
  61. The Excellent Path of the Benefits/Bliss of Entering into Going for Refuge (sKyabs ‘gro’i ‘jug sgo phan bde’i lam bzang/) p. 167.
  62. The Shower of Siddhis, Guru Yoga (Zab lam bla ma’i rnal ‘byor dngos grub char ‘bebs//) p. 175.
  63. Continual Rain of Nectar on the Sprouts of Four Kayas, Guru Yoga (bLa ma’i rnal ‘byor sku bzhi’i myu gu skyed byed bdud rtsi char rgyun/) p. 177.
  64. Melodious Auspicious Aspiration for the Spreading of the Victor’s Teachings, Oceans of Eons of the Great Jewel of Teachings and Beings (bsTan ‘gro’i sphyi nor chen po’i  zhabs pad bskal pa rgya mtshor brtan cing/ rgyal bstan sgo kun nas dar khyab kyi smon tshig bkra shis sgra dbyangs/) p. 179.
  65. Excellent Vase of the Deathless Nectar: Long-Life and Supplication for Gongsa Lhami Namdren Chenpo (Gongs sa lha mi’i rnam ‘dren chen po mchog gi zhabs brtan gsol ‘debs ‘chi med bdud rtsi’i bum bzang/) p. 182.
  66. Kunzig Zhamar, Supreme Mipham Chokyi Lodro,  Long-Life (Kun gzigs zhwa dmar mi pham chos kyi blo gros mchog gi zhabs brtan/) p. 184.
  67. Glorious 12th Gyalwang Drugpa, Long-Life  (dPal rgyal dbang ‘brug pa bcu gnyis pa’i zhabs brtan/) p. 186.
  68. Master of the Families, Jamgon Dorje Chang Chenpo, Kenting Tai Situpa, Pema Wangchog Gyalpo incarnation, Pema Donyo Drubpa, Long Life Words (Rigs kyi khyab bdag byams mgon rdo rje chang chen po kwan ting tA’i sit u pad+ma dbang mchog rgyal po’i sku yi skye srid pad+ma don yod grub pa’i zhabs brtan tshigs sub cad pa/) p. 188.
  69. 3rd Jamgon, Karma Lodro Chokyi Senge, Long-Life Aspiration (‘Jam mgon sku phreng gsum pa karma blo gros chs kyi seng ge’i brtan bzhugs zhabs brtan dge legs ‘dod ‘jo/) p. 190.
  70. 12th Gyaltsab Rinpoche, Long-Life Words (rGyal tshab sku phreng ba bchu gnyis pa’i 7 zhabs brtan tshigs sub cad pa/) p. 192.
  71. 10th Zhabdrung Trewo, Karma Geleg Palzangpo, Long-Life (Zhabs drung tre bo sku phreng bcu pa karma dgel legs dpal bzang po mchog gi zhabs brtan/) p. 193.
  72. Glorious Sikkimese DreJong Miwang Chogyel Chenpo, Long-Life Aspiration (dPal ‘dras ljongs mi dbang chos rgyal chen po’i zhabs brtan smon tshig/) p. 194.
  73. Long-Life Prayer for Sangye Nyenpa (Sangs rgyas mnyan pa’i zhabs brtan/) p. 195.
  74. The Sacred Sphere of the Completely Perfect, Primordial sign (MangalaM bi dza ye/ oM gdod nas yongs grub rtag pa dam pa’i dbyings/ sogs/) p. 197.
  75. Music of the Accomplishment of the True words of the Long-life Supplication (Zhabs brtan gsol ‘debs bden tshig grub pa’i rol mo/) p. 199.
  76. 9th Traleb Kyabgon, Long-life (Khra leb skyabs mgon sku phreng dgu pa’i zhab brtan/) p. 201.
  77. 9th Dokham Nedo, Karma Shedrub Tenpe Gyaltsen Long-life Aspiration[7] (mDo khams gnas mdo tsha sprul sku phreng dgu pa karma bshad sgrub bstan pa’i rgyal mtshan gyi zhabs brtan smon tshig/) p. 202.
  78. Drum of the Immortal Deity, Long-Life Aspiration (Zhabs brtan gsol smon ‘chi med lha yi rnga zhes bya ba) p. 203.
  79. Long-Life Supplication (Zhabs brtan gsol ‘debs/) p. 204.
  80. The Varja Melodious Sound of the Long-Life Aspiration (Zhabs brtan smon tshigs rdo rje’i sgra dbyangs/) p. 206.
  81. Om Swasti. Approaching the Accomplishment of Immortality of the Vidyadhara Rigdzin Drubpa (Om Swa sti/ ‘chi med rig ‘dzin grub pa brnyes rnams kyi/ sogs/) p. 208.
  82. Music for the Accomplishment of the True Words of the Swift Re-Birth Aspiration (Myur ‘byon gsol ‘debs bden tshig ‘grub pa’i rol mo/) p. 209.
  83. Swift Re-Birth Aspiration (Myur ‘byon gsol ‘debs bzhugs/)  p. 211.
  84. Swift Re-Birth Aspiration for the Yangsi 7th Ripa Bagtrul [7](Ri pa bag sprul sku phreng bdun pa’i yang srid myur ‘byon gsol ‘debs/) p. 213.
  85. Protector of the Three Being’s Realms, Gyalchog 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Khyabdag Rigpe Dorje’s previous Amazing Life-stories (Khams gsum ‘gro ba’i mgon po rigs kun khyab bdag rgyal mchog bcu drug pa chen po rang byung khyab bdag rig po’i rdo rje mchog gi sngon gyi skyes rabs ngo mtshar pa+dmo’i dga’ tshal/) p.214.
  86. Entering the Heart of the Profound Treasure of the Liberation-Story of Guru Padmasambhava (Gu ru pad+ma ‘byung gnas kyi rnam thar zab gter snying ‘jug/) p.281.
  87. Khatog Rigdzin Tshewang Norbu Noble Tara Supplication and Four Mandala Offerings and the Aspiration Words of the Ritual of the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Tree That Fulfils All Aims. (Ka thog rig ‘dzin tshe dbang nor bus phyogs bsgrigs ‘phags ma sgrol ma la gsol gdab mchod pa man+dal bzhi par grags pa’i cho ga ‘dod don yid bzhin ‘grub pa’i ljon shing gi spar byang smon tshig/) p.284.
  88. Calling the Lama From Afar/ Supplication to the Six Dharmas/ Light of Purification Aspiration Words/ (bLa ma rgyangs ‘bod/ chos drug gsol ‘debs so//spar byang smon tshig) p.285
  89. Light of Purification Aspiration Shri Mahakala that Completely Annihilates and Burns All Negative Forces and Accomplishes All Beneficial Purposes (ShrI ma hA kA la’i mngon par rtogs pa don kun sgrub byed log ‘dren tshar  gcod sdang ba rnam sreg las btus pa’i spar byang smon tshig//) p.287.
  90. Excellently Brilliant Aspiration Words of the Collected Liturgies and Chants of the Ordinary Sangha Followers of the Glorious Karma Kagyu (dPal ldan karma  bka’ rgyud  kyi rje su ‘brang ba’i dge ‘dun rnams kyi thun mong tshogs su zhal ‘don du bya ba’i chos spyod kyi rim pa legs lam rab gsal zhes pa’i spar byang smon tshig/) p.288.
  91. Aspiration Words of the All-Pervasive  Noble eleven-faced Nyung Ne (Avolakiteshvara) Trashi  (‘phags pa bcu gcig zhal gyi snyung chog bkra shis khyab ces pa’i spar byang smon tshig) p. 290.
  92. Aspiration Prayer for Activity Ritual of Great Black One [Mahakala] (nag po chen po’i gdab las kyi cho ga’i spar byang smon tshig) p. 291.
  93. Ah la la ho: The Assembly of Vajra friends and Spouses (A la la ho rdo rje mched lcam gyi tshogs rnams//sogs/) p. 292.
  94. Entrance Door to the Hundreds of Methods that Do Not Rely on Methods. (thabs la ma ltos thabs brgya’i ‘jug ngogs can/ sogs/) p.293.
  95. Collected Instructions/Writings of Gyalwang 16th Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje (rgyal ba’i dbang po karma pa bcu drug rang byung rig pa’i rdo rje’i gsung thor bu/) p. 294.
  96. Final Testament (Prediction Letter for the 17th Karmapa) by the Supreme Conqueror 16th Karmapa (rgyal mchog bcu drug pa’i zhal chems/) p.306.
  97. Self-resounding sound of the Primordial, Uncontrived Lamp: Research and Conclusion on the Precious Collected Works by Tashi Tsering, the compiler and editor (bka’ ‘bum rin po che thog mar ‘tshol bsdu byed pos mjug snyan bsgron ma bcos gnyug ma’i rang sgra bzhugs lags/) p.307.

Translated, edited and compiled by Adele Tomlin, 16th April 2021. Copyright.


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[7]  In relation to Bagyo Rinpoche, I found these words: “His Holiness recounted how, when Bagyod Rinpoche fled Tibet in 1959, he was able to save and bring with him many sacred objects and ritual items. These he gave, holding nothing back, to the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa, Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. These precious dharma objects are still in use in Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, the Gyalwang Karmapa’s seat in India. They play a role in the Tsechu, Gutor, and many other pujas. Bagyod Rinpoche established a Tibetan settlement in South India and nurtured the growing monastery and surrounding community like a parent, His Holiness said. Rinpoche was also a powerful Manjushri Yamantaka practitioner. His Holiness expressed optimism that he would be able to locate Bagyöd Rinpoche’s reincarnation and said he would take responsibility for doing so. He finished, “So please do not worry.”” Kagyu Monlam – Lama Chöpa: Honoring the Memory of Bagyöd Rinpoche and Khenpo Karthar Rinpoche

3 thoughts on “NEW TRANSLATION: THIRD VOLUME OF 16TH KARMAPA’S COLLECTED WORKS. Aspirations, Guru Yogas, Life-Stories, Songs, Supplications, Teachings and Letters.

  1. The 16th Gyalwang
    had at one time laughed loudly, in his inimitable and beautiful way,
    when asked whether he had other emanations in our world, and
    replied yes, many of them, at least nine in India! (In recent Biography of Akong Tulku)
    Do you know more about other emanations?

    1. No I don’t know about any others, but Milarepa was able to transform into animals, and get inside inanimate objects etc. so anything is possible if one has realised non-duality and emptiness. One is not limited only to one body. In fact, if you read the contents of Gampopa’s Works as detailed by Kragh (2015) the instructions in there are priceless indeed!

      1. Thank you la! There were also two Shamar incarnations after 10th, who was banned from recognition… Tashi Tsepa and Namling…one was son of 15th Karmapa also.. do you know more about them la? The story of Shamars after 10th..where could be the other Tulku of Shamar!! It would be interesting to write an article on Karmapa’s and his six spiritual sons, manifesting in other forms! Like Tai Situs into Palpung and Kathok Situ lines, Jamgon Kongtrul into more than five like Palpung Kongtrul n Shechen Kongtrul n so on!

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