ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga’ text download and requirements to practice

Yesterday, I posted the first translation of a Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga text by the 15th Karmapa, Khakyab Dorje. However, due to some technical issues, an earlier version of the text was uploaded. For those who have already downloaded the prior version please upload the correct version here.

There have also been a few queries as to who may practice this short sadhana. Generally, it is important to have a Guru Rinpoche and/or Yeshe Tshogyel empowerment (in one of her forms) to practice it. In terms of the oral transmission of the text itself, as it is a simple text without much ritual, it is not so necessary. If in doubt, ask your teacher or inner guru!

The most important factor in any practice of guru yoga, is devotion and an understanding of the union of bliss and emptiness. Without those present, then no matter how many empowerments and transmissions one has had, the practice will be rather ‘dry’ and not ‘juicy’ !

Thank your for your kind and encouraging response to this latest translation. May if be of benefit!

One thought on “ANNOUNCEMENT: ‘Yeshe Tshogyel Guru Yoga’ text download and requirements to practice

  1. Thank you for practical infos concerning requirements and comparison between ,,dry,, vs ,, juicy,, practice. ! Worthy to notice that in this particular guru yoga , abishekas ( including golden light from navel center) comes after mantra accumulation.Sometimes in another guru yogas, abishekas comes before mantra accumulation . Also I met guru yoga with green , activity, light shining from base center below navel. Also there is secret chakra just above! the head.

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