A Hundred Blazing Lights: Chapter Six

This chapter is on the Mandala Offering practice. Tāranātha gives extensive explanations not only on the visualisation and practice for the mandala offering, but also philosophical advice on the benefits of mandala offering, the two accumulations of merit and wisdom,  and the unique, third type of accumulation in in the Kālacakra Tradition. It is divided into eight sub-sections:

  1. The basis support of the Mandala
  2. A little more detailed explanation
  3. The ritual practice of Mandala
  4. The benefits of Mandala
  5. The main method of collecting accumulations
  6. The gathering of the two accumulations
  7. The three accumulations in the Kālacakra Tradition
  8. A brief explanation of supplementary topics

Included are new computer-graphic diagrams of the Kālacakra worldly cosmos, specially commissioned for these translations.

Download chapter here (forthcoming).