A Hundred Blazing Lights: Chapter Four

This chapter is on the ‘mind of awakening’ (bodhicitta) and  is divided into four main sections:

1) Explanation of bodhicitta. This has the following subsections:

  • identifying bodhicitta,
  • the divisions of bodhicitta,
  • the meaning of bodhicitta,
  • identifying the two types of mind generation (sems skyes),
  • the benefits of bodhicitta,
  • the faults of abandoning bodhicitta,
  • and the main points of training

2) Explanation of the Four Immeasurables. This section is divided into the following sub-sections:

  • the faults of not having the four immeasurables,
  • the benefits of cultivating the four immeasurables ,
  • the nature of the four immeasurables,
  • the categories of the four immeasurables,
  • the extraordinary characteristics of the four immeasurables of the Mahayana
3) Supplementary Explanation 4) Conclusion Download full chapter here (forthcoming).