A Hundred Blazing Lights: Chapter Five

This chapter is dedicated to explaining the  purification and confession practice of the One-Hundred Syllable Mantra of Vajrasattva. It is divided into seven sections:
  1. Unvirtuous Karma
  2. Nature of Karma
  3. Virtuous Karma
  4. Confessing One’s Faults: in this section there is an extended discussion of the attributes of the four opponent powers , the power of the support and the power of application (in terms of the power of application, Tāranātha discusses six methods of the power of application).
  5. The main categories of ‘the Hundred Syllable mantra’: gives a detailed explanation of why it is called the ‘one hundred syllable’ mantra and the extensive meaning of the Sanskrit syllables.
  6. The reason for meditating on Vajrasattva
As  I have written about here before, the one-hundred syllable mantra of the ‘Dro Kalacakra tradition is the ‘wrathful’ Heruka Vajrasattva and has a different visualisation and mantra to the ‘peaceful’ Vajrasattva.