NEW TRANSLATION: Kurukullā daily sadhana ‘Juicy Nectar of Deep, Great Bliss’ by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo from the Treasure ‘Luminous Essence of Three Roots’

Today, for the new moon day marking the first day of the auspicious and sacred month of Saga Dawa (in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar), I am happy to announce and launch the first published translation of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo’s daily sadhana text of Kurukullā from the ‘re-discovered’ (yangter) treasury cycle, Luminous Heart Essence of the Three Roots (Tsa Sum Osel Nyingtig).  I received the empowerment and oral transmission of this practice from HE Schechen Rabjam Rinpoche at a set of empowerments given in Siliguri, India, January 2020.

Luminous Heart Essence text

As I wrote about here before, this treasury cycle contains 8 texts in total, and is entitled ‘Display of the Lotus Dakini, Kurukullā (Yang gter pad+ma mkha’ ‘gro ma rig byed rtsal).

The daily sadhana text I have translated (and released for download by request), is called ‘Juicy Nectar of Deep, Great Bliss: Daily generation and recitation of the instructions on the Majestic Lotus-ḍākinī that magnetise the three realms (pad+ma gar dbang mkha’ ‘gro ma’i rtog pa las phyung ba’i khams gsum dbang du byed pa’i man ngag gi rgyun gyi bskyed bzlas zab mo bde chen bdud rtsi’i nying khu). It was authored by HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and revealed by Rongzom Chokyi Zangpo and Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo (Rong zom chos kyi bzang po‘Jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse’i dbang po).

Here, the visualisation of Kurukullā is different from other visualisations and representations, as she holds a skull-cup of blood and damaru drum in the two remaining hands, which are not holding the bow and arrow (see above image).

Editions of the text

I have used the online edition published in the Rinchen Terdzo, Volume 52, Text 35, Pages 487-499, Tsadra Foundation, which can be read here. 

There are two other editions available online both published by Schechen Publications:

  1. In the Collected Works of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche (bkra shis dpal ‘byor, gsung ‘bum/_rab gsal zla ba). TBRC W21809. 8: 473 – 486. delhi: shechen publications, 1994.
  2. In the Rinchen Terdzo of Jamgon Lodro Thaye (In rin chen gter mdzod chen mo/ blo gros mtha’ yas). TBRC W1KG14. 52: 505 – 518. new delhi: shechen publications, 2007-2008.

The colophon to the text says that the daily practice, an excerpt from the oral instructions of the root treasure text, was written down for Prince Jigme Senge Wangchug (former King of Bhutan) and his mother, Queen Kalzang Chodron, for the benefit of the political and spiritual power of the King and his family over Bhutan.

Khyentse’s rediscovered Terma, Lotus Dakini (Pema Khandro)

Other Kurukullā in the Collected Works

Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo also wrote other texts about Kurukullā in his Collected Works (see references from text at TBRC 21087). I am planning to translate this even shorter daily sadhana (see below) and will post here when done.

  • rje btsun rig byed dbang mo’i sgrub thabs yid ‘phrog pad+ma rA ga’i phring ba/ gsung ‘bum/_mkhyen brtse’i dbang po/ Volume 24 Pages 217 – 226

There is a longer sadhana in the Collected Works too:

  • rig byed ma’i sgom bzlas sogs sgrub rjes skor/gsung ‘bum/_mkhyen brtse’i dbang po/ Volume 11 Pages 379 – 561

Please contact me for the text. As the practice of this sadhana requires a Kurukullā empowerment (and ideally an oral transmission) from a qualified teacher, please give details from whom and when you got the empowerment.  May it be of benefit!

13 thoughts on “NEW TRANSLATION: Kurukullā daily sadhana ‘Juicy Nectar of Deep, Great Bliss’ by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo from the Treasure ‘Luminous Essence of Three Roots’

    1. I am a disciple of Urgyen Sangharakshita who received the Kurukulla empowerment from Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche on 28th October 1963 in Kalimpong. Sangharakshita then gave the empowerment to his disciple and my colleague and friend, Dharmachari Kamalashila, and he handed it on to me on 6th November 2021 at Adhisthana Retreat Centre, UK. He gave me the oral explanation and a copy of an English translation of the text originally given to Sangharakshita by Dilgo Khyentse Rimpoche. I would like to compare the translation we have with the one you have made, as well as any other material you may have on this sadhana and the Dakini.

      With many thanks for all your work,

      Dharmachari Subhuti,
      Triratna Buddhist Order

  1. Like to request a copy.

    Received transmission from Khenpo Karma Wangyel of Yeshe Korlo Nyingmapa Centre in Europe on 28 May 2022.

    Thank you

  2. I would love to have your translation of the sadhana. I received the empowement, and lung from HH Sakya Trichen in 2011. Namaste

  3. Hi, I would very much appreciate any Kurukulla Sadhanas that you can provide. I did the Kurukulla empowerment from H.E. Garchen Rinpoche available from Youtube archives. I have done numerous other trainings from him and many others… Since the arrival of COVID it has just been limited to live via Zoom and from Youtube archives

  4. I would like to request a copy of the text. I received empowerment from Garchen Rinpoche in Ohio, April 2013. Thank you for your dedicated efforts. Donation offered as well.

  5. I received these transmissions from Zhechen Rabjam Rinpoche in Silliguri, January 2020; also Sakya’s Transmissions of Kurukulle from Sakya Trichen and Phende Rinpoce.

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