“I would hope and expect that if a Dakini were running a translations website, that it would be very playful as well…” –Adele Tomlin (2022)

New video on Youtube Channel

Today for Dakini Day, I offer a new 5-minute video clip from a recent interview, discussing the challenging and playful nature of a dakini, here

00:00 Why the name Dakini Translations?

00:31 The challenging and mirror-like nature of dakinis

01:00 Misuse of the name dakini as a compliment

01:30 The ironic and humorous side

03:35 How the irony can be misinterpreted/missed

04:15 Playful nature of the dakini

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“I’ve heard a lot of people tell women you are a Dakini, or my mother is a Dakini, or my wife is a Dakini and so forth. Perhaps they think a Dakini is always very beautiful and gentle and kind and mother-like and nourishing and strong woman and so forth. I don’t think they really have met one, it’s not always a compliment! [laughs].” –Khandro Rinpoche (2017)

For the full Guru Viking interview, see here: 

Music? For the challenging, playful badass, dakini divas I’m A Woman by Koko Taylor, and Betty Davis, Nasty Gal. For coffee lovers, Black Coffee by Ella Fitzgerald and You’re the Cream in My Coffee by Nat King Cole.

Adele Tomlin, 18th November 2022.

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