FUNDRAISING APPEAL: Share the Merit and Support Dakini Translations

Drawing of Buddha’s Offering Bowl

“Give, even if you only have a little.”

The Buddha (Dhammapada, verse 224).

Inspired by the ancient example of monastics begging for food and alms, without pride or attachment, and the need for funding, here is a fundraising appeal for the Dakini Translations website and activities. In the world today, so much money is spent by so few on material items, clothing, food and housing and yet, the most precious thing, Buddha Dharma is often left without funding or support.

Since this website was set up in 2018, hundreds of research posts and new translations have been published on it. All the work is done voluntarily for the love of Dharma and not-for-profit. No payment is requested or received from texts published and there is currently no external foundation or grant sponsorship. However, even translators need income for living expenses. So, in order to keep the work coming and freely available to all, if you have downloaded or feel you have benefited from any of the translations and research on the website, please help to support the continuation of this work by making a donation. Every amount, large or small, makes a difference.

Thanks for all your generous and kind support and interest!

Donations can be made directly via Paypal ( or bank or credit card here. Click on the amount and then press Donate button:


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Your contribution is appreciated.

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“Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.”


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