Lion-Faced Ḍākinī: New Translations and Website Section

In these current times, of epidemics, sickness, obstacles, ‘demonic’ emotions and actions and so on, another practice considered to be crucial for averting and expelling such conditions is Lion-Faced Ḍākinī. In addition, having always felt a close affinity and connection to Lion-Faced Ḍākinī for many years, am happy to announce this new section of the website for translations and research on the goddess deity. I give a brief introduction to the history and mantra of Lion-Faced Ḍākinī, information about the extensive commentary and texts on the deity by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, followed by some daily sadhanas composed by great Tibetan Buddhist masters translated and published for the first time into English (one by Karma Chagme, the other by Tāranātha) that are offered here for free download (see below).

The Karma Chagme sadhana text is from the Bari Lotsawa tradition. Bari Lotsawa was a famous translator and accomplished master (who also became the second head of the Sakya lineage) and was responsible for revealing the well-known root mantra as directed by Lion-Faced Ḍākinī herself. The mantra was sought after to protect Bari from psychic and black magic attacks from a rogue Indian teacher. After he re-discovered and revealed the mantra, then practising it day and night, he succeeded in not only repelling the negative actions but killing the source of them!  For more detail about this and Lion-Faced Ḍākinī, please see the new page on this website here.

Lion-Faced Ḍākinī that Expels by Jetsun Tāranātha

The Lion-Faced Ḍākinī Sadhana By Karma Chagme


Now I have the transmission of the Jamyang Khyentse works, I plan to translate some more Lion-Faced Ḍākinī  texts by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo in the near future.

N.B: Pre-requisites to reading and practising any of these texts/sadhanas are a Lion-Faced Ḍākinī empowerment and transmission from a qualified lineage teacher (and lots of bodhicitta)!

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