New website name: “Dakini Translations and Publications”

Moving on and upwards from dreary issues about Facebook fan groups and copyright, I am happy to announce the re-naming of this website to ‘Dakini Translations and Publications’. One of the main reasons for this new name is because it allows the scope of the translation, research and publications to be broader and reflects that.  The sections on Kalacakra and Shentong will be kept as before but new sections of the site will be added, depending on the work being done.

Why the name ‘Dakini Translations and Publications’? Well, first I am not at all trying to claim I myself am a dakini (although some have said I am :-)). However, in the Vajrayana, one of the fourteen root vows is to respect and never denigrate women, any woman. Why? Because the ‘female principle’ is seen as the nature of wisdom, and dakinis often appear in a female form, and unless one is an awakened being (who can see who is a dakini or not) then one should be very careful! Also, a dakini represents Dharma activity, of which translation and research is a part of such activity. However, being called a dakini is ‘not always a compliment’ as Khandro Rinpoche playfully reminds us all in this short video teaching here!

Also, the Dharma translation and publications world is still  (like many other fields) dominated (and run ) predominantly by men. Even the few women who are successful in the field are often sidelined, ignored or their work subtly denigrated. As a female translator, I wanted to have a site name that not only reflects my female-ness but also as a feminine symbol in a male-dominated field.

A new and original translation of a commentary by Taranatha on the 21 Taras, will be published and available soon as the first publication on this newly-named website.  In the near future, the old domain name will also be changed to a new domain name ‘’.

May it be of benefit and may the feminine principle and wisdom be nurtured and flourish in all sentient beings!

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