Shentong and Kālacakra lineage holder and master, 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche bestowing major empowerments in Bodh Gaya, November 16-29 (English translation).

The Tai Situ lineage have a long history and strong connection not only with the view of Shentong Madhyamaka but also the Jonang tradition.

In particular, the 8th Tai Situ Rinpoche, Chökyi Jungne (chos kyi ‘byung gnas (1700-1774), a student of the 12th Karmapa, Jangchub Dorje (byang chub rdo rje) (1703-1732). A great master and prolific writer. He was not only an exceptionally accomplished master, but also a great scholar, who produced 13 volumes of writings, and famous for his travels. He visited Nepal on two occasions and was praised there by the Indian scholar Jayamangala for the depths of his learning and understanding. On his second visit there, in 1748, he met again with Kathok Rigdzin Tsewang Norbu and received from him many transmissions of the Jonang tradition, especially on the view of Shentong. Situ and Tsewang Norbu helped revive the teachings of the Jonangpa in Central and Eastern Tibet.

The 8th Tai Situpa was also a direct lineage holder of the Dro and Tsami Kalacakra Six Yogas lineages (see the Seventeen Lineages of the Six -Yogas of Glorious Kalacakra here) and thus the Tai Situpas hold the direct lineage of Kalacakra as passed down from the Indian masters. The Jonang follow mainly the Dro Lineage and that of Vibhuticandra.

It is therefore with great pleasure to share here the announcement that HE 12th Tai Situ Rinpoche, who is also one of the heart-sons and main teachers of HH 17th Karmapa, Orgyen Trinley Dorje, will be besowing several major Vajrayana empowerments and teachings at Tergar Monastery, Bodh Gaya, November 16-26, 2018.

12th Tai Situ Rinpoche

The English translation of the schedule (see below in Tibetan) is as follows:

16th Vajravahari (Dorje Phagmo) empowerment and teachings.

17th a.m. Chakrasamvara (Demchog) preparations before empowerment. p.m. The Protector Berchen (Mahakala) torma empowerment.

18th a.m. The actual empowerment of Chakrasamvara. p.m Preparations for the Gyalwa Gyatso (a form of Chenrezig)

19th The actual empowerment of Gyalwa Gyamtso. p.m The preparations for Hevajra.

20th Hevajra empowerment.

21st Pema Vajra teachings and empowerment.

22nd Guru Dorje Drolo (wrathful emanation of Padmasambhava) teachings and empowerment.

23rd Long-Life Union Method (tshe sgrub thabs shes kha sbyor) – terma revealed by Yongs dge gter ston mi ‘gyur rdo rje.

24th Holiday Break.

25th – 26th Guiding Instructions on the Preliminaries of the Ocean of the Mahamudra of Definitive Meaning


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