Kalacakra Teachings and Empowerment and Taranatha’s Mind Training instructions by Jonang Lama Yonten Gyatso, Minsk, June 2018



Taranatha’s Mind Training, Kalacakra Preliminaries and Empowerment, June 2018

Jonang Lama Yonten Gyamtso is giving an introduction to the Kalacakra Preliminaries and a three-day Kalacakra empowerment (seven stages of a child) in Minsk from 20th-24th June. In addition, he will teach a Taranatha Lojong (Mind Training) text as well as Shine meditation from June 11-16. Translation into English and Russian.

More details can be found in Russian here (use Google translate to get the English).

Teachings in St Petersburg, Russia 2 May to 6 May 2018

Lama Yonten Gyamtso is also giving teachings this month in St Petersburg on the Six Yogas of Niguma and a teaching and empowerment on the generation stage of Vajrayogini.

‘From 2 to 6 May, the revered Lama Yonten Gialtso will retreat on the intensive practice of the Six Yogas of Niguma near St. Petersburg. Retreat is intended only for the disciples of the Lama, who previously received initiation and commentary from the Teacher on the Six Yogas of Niguma. During the retreat, the Lama will give the disciples meditation techniques to the Sixth Yogi of the next, second, level.

Program May 8-9

May 8 – initiation of Vajrayogini and transmission and explanation of the practice of the stage of initiation (kierima) of Vajrayogini

Vajrayogini is one of the main Yidams associated with the practice systems of the Six Yogas of Naropa and the Six Yogas of Niguma. This is the embodiment of the timeless openness and bliss of our true nature. Communication with her and meditation on her is a source of unlimited inspiration. Meditation of the stage of initiation can be performed both in connection with the practice of the Six Yogas, and as an independent practice.’

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