Grand Kalacakra Duchen, 29th April 2018, Tibet, India, Nepal, Hong Kong…..

Yesterday, 29th April 2018, several Tibetan Buddhist monasteries who practise Kalacakra in the Jonang and Kagyu tradition, organised grand Kalacakra sadhanas and events to commemorate the day Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Kalacakra Tantra.

I was fortunate to be able to attend the commemoration at the Jonang monastery in Nepal and offered the Lama and Khenpos there my newly published English translations, includin the Four Mandala Tara Offering that is regularly practised in the Jonang monasteries. I was generously offered a khatag, incense and a newly published Tibetan pecha text of the Kalacakra Nine Deity Sadhana.

Offering newly published English translations of Jonang texts to Lama Yonten Gyamtso and Khenpos at Jonang Monastery, Nepal, 28th April 2018.
Offering given to me by Khenpo la on 29th April 2018, newly published Tibetan pecha text of The Glorious Kalacakra Nine Deity Extensive Sadhana

Tsangchen Monastery, Dzamthang, Tibet

See more photos here.

In attendance, Jigme Dorjee Rinpoche.

Jonang Buddhist Institute and Monastery, Pharping, Nepal

In attendance Lama Yonten Gyamtso.

Jonang Takten Chophel Monastery, Mongolia

In attendance Kyabje Rinpoche.

Jonang Jamda Kalacakra Centre, Hong Kong

Two Kagyu monasteries in India also made extensive pujas and preparations for the special day:

Bokar Monastery, Mirik, India

Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim, India

For photos and information click on the links.

May the Kalacakra teachings flourish and remain long! May all sentient beings attain full awakening.

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