Kalacakra Mandalas in India and Nepal constructed for the Kalacakra Duchen on 29th April

Major Kalacakra pujas are underway in Bokar Monastery Mirik and Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim in India and the Jonang monastery in Pharping, Nepal is also making preparations for the Kalacakra duchen this Sunday, 29th April. The full moon of the third lunar month is traditionally commemorated as the day Shakyamuni Buddha taught the Kalacakra Tantra.

According to the Kālacakra tantra, the Buddha taught the first Kālacakra root tantra in Dharanikota (near modern Amaravathi) in 5th century B.C. of southeastern India, supposedly bilocating (appearing in two places at once) at the same time as he was also delivering the Prajñāpāramitā sutras at Griddhraj Parvat in Bihar. Along with King Suchandra, ninety-six minor kings and emissaries from Shambhala were also said to have received the teachings. The Kālacakra thus passed directly to Shambhala, where it was held exclusively for hundreds of years. Later Kings of Shambhala, Mañjushrīkīrti and Pundarika, are said to have condensed and simplified the teachings into the Śri Kālacakra or Laghutantra and its main commentary, the Vimalaprabha, which remain extant today as the heart of the Kālacakra literature. Fragments of the original tantra have survived; the most significant fragment, the Sekkodesha, was commented upon by Naropa. (For more information see (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kalachakra).

Here are some of the beautiful photos shared on Facebook. Bokar Yangsi is currently in Nepal on pilgrimage.

Bokar Monastery Mirik


Rumtek Monastery Sikkim



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